Customization of weapons can be also done with enchantment basins.

Types of weapons Edit

By type of damage caused:

By range of attack:

Crafted weapons created by Arelith's crafting system are described in the article about forging.

Arelith changes Edit


The original NWN considers the quarterstaff a one-handed weapon, like a spear, meaning you get one attack for one swing of the weapon.

On Arelith, the quarterstaff was changed to Double Weapon, similar to exotic weapons like the Two-Bladed Sword, Dire Mace or Double Axe. Using a double weapon is the same as using two weapons (the off-hand is considered to be wielding a light weapon). You get two attacks for one swing of the weapon. Dual wielding means that you get extra attacks, but also suffer the penalties for wielding a double-sided weapon.

Weapon visuals guideEdit

With essences:

  • Standard Weapons with enhancement bonuses such as a +1, +2, +3, will all show an essence's effect.
  • On Masterly Weapons visual effects will show up.
  • The only essences to grant visual effects are +4 and +1d6.
  • Acid, Cold, Electrical, Fire and Sonic will all grant visual effects to these weapons.
  • Divine, Positive and Negative will not show any visual effects.
  • Gloves will never show any visual effects.

For more information see the article about essences. Note that when an essence is applied on a weapon, all previous elemental damage bonuses will be removed from that weapon (Acid, Cold, Divine, Electrical, Fire, Negative, Positive, and Sonic). This is done to prevent stacking of effects from essences.

Level requirement guideEdit

All items on Arelith have a level requirement you need to meet in order to use them. The required level is calculated based on the item's value. Below is a chart listing the required level for each weapon type, based on the value of the weapon.

Material Required Level
(Without Essence)
Required Level
(With +2 Essence)
Required Level
(With +3 Essence)
Required Level
(With +4 Essence)
Required Level
(With 1d4 Essence)
Required Level
(With 1d6 Essence)
Bronze 1 3 6 9 3 5
Iron 3 7 9 12 7 8
Masterly Iron 5 8 10 13 8 9
Steel 7 9 12 14 9 11
Greensteel 9 12 14 16 12 13
Masterly Steel 12 14 16 18 14 15
Damask 11 13 15 17 13 15
Masterly Damask 17 18 20 21 18 19

Added Greensteel, 12/30/2010 - Vindicate

Weapon VisualsEdit

Acid Cold Elec Fire Sonic

Note that Positive, Divine, and Negative essences do not give visuals to weapons. They appear as a normal weapon without an essence.

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