Shoping area

The entrance of Grond you can see the player shops, Hrglin, and even Burg in the distance.

Urblexis Grond is home to the outcasts, the "civilized" Goblin, Svirfneblin, Duergar, Orog, Kobold, and sometimes Gnoll population of the Underdark. Most of the inhabitants of Grond lived originally on the surface of Arelith, but were exiled to the Underdark. They settled and built Grond, a short distance from the large underground lake which rests between them and the drow city of Udos Dro'Xun.

Introduction Edit

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Urblexis Grond is where most monstrous races call home. Located deep under the surface, this sprawling settlement houses all manner of races, including Duergar, Kobolds, Goblins, Orogs and Svirfneblin. Under the rulership of The Tyrant of Grond, these races coexist with the sole intention of survival in the inhospitable Underdark.

When you create a Duergar, Kobold, Goblin or Svirfneblin character you will start in the city of Urblexis Grond. Seek out the leader of your race and listen to what they have to say to you. You are an outcast champion with an opportunity to carve your own destiny out of the unforgiving depths of the darkness. Life as an outcast can be very difficult and brutal, but you may just enjoy playing from the perspective of a vile monster...

History Edit

Grond is still the slums comparing to the fortress of Udos Dro'Xun.

When Grond was "founded" it was founded on what was already Drow land. They had to RP negotiating with the Drow leaders to try and gain space to create their "city" and the Drow agreed eventually (obviously; the RP was more toward that goal anyway; Drow would not allow others to camp out on their lands in "real" Faerun). That land and all of the UD up to Jhared's has always been in character considered the Drow land; and has always been RPed as such.

Grond was "gifted" to the early settlers and monster outcasts from surface by the Drow. They did this because they saw the grondians as useful for gathering supplies, trading with the surface, etc (and this is exactly what early Grondians did for Drow). When the city of Grond was first established it was in governed by a Drow representative (Tebryn Vrinn). Later it was ruled by a council made up of each of the races and answering directly to the Drow.

After a lot of roleplay and negotiations the title of "Tyrant" leader emerged and Grond gained certain level of independence. It is question of the future roleplay and in game events if they will be able to keep it, extend it or fall under the wrath of supreme Drow forces.

See more on their history and setting on Arelith comparison in article about Udos Dro'Xun.

Roleplay Tips Edit

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Races in Urblexis Grond are considered “lesser” races by the the dominate race – the Drow. There are so many nice fantasy stories about this theme. In public you have to bow (or be forced to bow) to that dominating race or you have to run and hide. The chief (tyrant) can be a puppet and has to keep the complicated balance between showing power to his “lower races” and be accepted by the dominating force. He makes plans to gain secretly more and more power. – This is a background stories for many great (evil) heroes and heroic actions. – This is a great setting for the UD and a main part of it. There always should be a greater suppressing evil force.

Grondians should know what they sign up for. You are there to live in a city, that the Drow allowed to exist). It does not mean you have to crawl through the dust and mooo like a Rothe when they tell you to, but you do know that Drow are scary and would slay you on the spot if you give them a good enough reason (don't insult them openly!!). You know that leaders of Grond do not want to risk angering the Drow and make them revoke Grond's existence, so if you kill a Drow in the open, you will most likely get punished for your deeds by the Grond ruler. You hate them, you despise them, you fear them... and you know you should do all of those!

Monsters & Outcasts Edit

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Within the caverns of Urblexis Grond the monstrous races make their home. Most races keep to themselves, living in loosely organized tribes, fighting for territory and resources until they must all band together to protect their lands from the devious and power-hungry Drow.

It is a dangerous and feral existence, but it is not without it's rewards. In their own way, heroes and leaders emerge among the beasts and the war drums beat out a steady tune to their glory.

Those who dare to reach deep into the most animalistic parts of their imaginations come here to challenge themselves and their fellow players in a unique environment.

Notable NPC'sEdit

Grond Plaza

The Grond Plaza with Bloopi, Sszlakk, and Vargo.

Purplexzis - Kobold startingpoint, alchemist, and scroll scriber.
Sszlakk - The kobold 'banker'.
Bloopi - Svifneblin seamstress.
Vargo Pebblus - Svirfneblin healer.
Primstone Elder - Svirfneblin starting point, as well as shop.
Garbagoth - The goblin starting point and shop.
Rithralia Ma'for - Drow trap and poisions shop.
Brug - Ogre cook with a horrific stewpot; also sells food.
Caravan Master - Son of Hrglin, and Duergar Rothe herder who runs the Rothe caravan for the Merchants league.
Krigzak - Duergar arms salesman.
Genar - Mad Duergar jeweler.
Ecrivendi - Gnoll starting point, and boater who can sail PCs across the Dark River.
Magwort the Witch - A strange shamaness who supplies magical supplies.
Klommit the Gong-Banger - Over-enthusiastic goblin who sounds the Warning Gong.

Notable PC'sEdit

C'haox, Former Tyrant of Grond
Skeflock, Former Tyrant of Grond.
Murag, Former Tyrant of Grond.
Orn Gixi, Former Tyrant of Grond.
Satho Cradfoot, Former Tyrant of Grond
Golg Bourd, Tyrant of Grond
Mirdkiss Crimsonsoul, Former Tyrant of Grond
Hawg Bluescale, Former Overseer of Grond.
Boipy, Former Overseer of Grond.
Vippin, Overseer, Later Tyrant of Grond.
Gulraga Gesh, Tyrant of Grond.
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