Udos Dro'Xun is the city of Drow. Mysterious, chaotic and dark.

Introduction Edit

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When translated means "We Survive", an appropriate name for the capital city of the Dark Elves. Udos Dro'Xun has survived several incursions of surface raiders, demonic entities, and illithid attacks, thriving and even growing in the process. Today it is the largest settlement in the Arelith Underdark and home to the largest organized military beneath the ground. The might and force of Udos Dro'Xun cannot be ignored, even by those on the surface who are blissfully unaware of its existence.

When creating a new Drow character, you will start in The Spider's Web, a Drow tavern located within Udos Dro'Xun. How you got there is your own story, but you'll quickly be advised to meet with Commander Vhaeshess of the City Militia. It is unwise to disappoint her, so make sure that you listen to her advice, along with that of the other Drow that you will meet. Playing a Drow can be a difficult yet rewarding prospect, and the following information should help both new and regular players get a feel for how Drow society functions.

History and setting Edit

"As one those left from before Udos Dro'Xun was established I can safely say that it was not a matter of the devs suddely deciding that "We need an underdark with PC drow. Let's give them some perks to get the ball rolling". That's not how this server is run. It was because the number of drow and the quality of drow rp that the city was originally created and there have been numerous battles and conflicts in and around Udos Dro'Xun." Jagel

Forgotten Realms Edit

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Drow are not THE supreme power in the Underdark(UD). In the normal UD setting they are one of the 3 most powerful races in general, the other 2 being Duergar and Illithid; and will be the major power in any area they live in due to the following:

  • Duergar are more lawful and structured; therefore not as destructive or deadly. They are powerful warriors, and deadly in war just like regular dwarves are; but their societal structure keeps them from being overly offensive on a grand scale unless focused on a specific target. Instead Drow can and will attack any targets of opportunity simply because "they can"
  • Illithid are deadly powerful as a race; especially near their hives; but they are not expansive or aggressive on any large scale. They capture whatever wanders too close and use them as slaves or food; but in general do not go searching out targets.

Arelith Edit

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Drow ARE the supreme power in the Arelith Underdark for basically 3 reasons (there are others but these are the main ones):

  1. Udos Dro'Xun was established a thousand years ago after a group of Drow found the area and battled off the inhabitants (including Illithid, Beholders and Duergar) and secured the lands around them. They have held the land around their cavern with unquestioned superiority for that entire 1000 years; including the area of Urblexis Grond. In contrast, Grond has been a city for a grand total of about 15 years in-game.
  2. The city of Udos Dro'Xun has long (4 years or more RL) been RP'ed as a city of near Menzoberranzan size; IE around 8000-10,000 Drow with about twice that in supporting slaves. When the founders of Grond came to the Drow and RP'ed their requests for land about 1.5 years ago; the city started with a couple hundred of the varying races. Even with the fast growth rates of Kobolds and Goblins; that would still put Grond at a max of about 5000-6000 inhabitants at this time... Udos has greater numbers in slave fodder alone without even utilizing their Drow army. (The Arelith policy is against PC kobolds or goblins slaves, but Udos has and always will have NPC slaves of all races.)
  3. Grond; while started and somewhat supported by Duergar; is in essence a hovel and hodgepodge of competing races. Even with the Tyrant "controlling" things there is no true rule in Grond because the races are always competing rather than working together (and that is exactly how the city should be). In contrast when Drow decide to move to war as a city the entire City's resources are put to one use. Drow magics are incredibly adept at moving seige engines through caverns; transporting Drow through walls, creating discord and confusion and generally wreaking havoc on the enemy since all these things create Chaos... Drow fight better in chaos than any race in Faerun.

Roleplay Tips Edit

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It is important for Drow to roleplay their range of power suitable to Arelith setting. Udos Dro'Xun is not the only drow city in the UD and there are many other dominant races around. And there is always the threat from surface. They should be interested in a stable Urblexis Grond that keeps all non-drow races calm and on their side if they are in need of them. So (as I saw it some times before) a lesser ranked drow could be called back or even punished if he risks this unstable balance of power for only egocentristic reasons (pride or grief or sadism) – it’s the job of the ones in charge to harvest the gain of the suppression.

Drow and lesser racesEdit

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To drow the lesser races are nothing, like fleas. Forcing Grondians to bow (which happens a lot!) means to unnecessarily interact with lesser races. Most Drow think twice before doing so. And this is what most Grondians find annoying (if they want to do that all day long they will make a male Drow, I'm sure). And if a Grondian does bow to you, you know they are afraid of you, you smirk, but apart from that a Drow would hardly ever be the first to speak still. Drow do not expect lesser races to bow to them, because they know they are /lesser/ races, and would not understand. They indeed worship heretic gods, but lesser races are convenient to exploit. They let them be, as long as they still have a use, and as long as they are terrified of Drow. But apart from that: Lesser races, eewwy!

Drow never take an enemy on they cannot handle. Meaning that most of the times they do not take the risk of angering a kobold/goblin/orog, alone, somewhere in a deserted cave, without knowing their exact strength.

There is no shame in Drow whatsoever ordering a lesser race to come along. And yes Drow are evil enough to deny the lesser race any earnings from the trip, because they're Drow. But no one would perk a brow if you would give them, if even a miserably small, amount of gold to pay for their services, because you might want to use the Grondian's service again! Having slaves that obey you without baring a grudge are much more effective after all, you know they do their best more at least than when you would not pay them!

These are just a few things to consider. I am not saying every Drow should act like that, but it's an easy, IC way to play -with- lesser races, rather than against them all the time. Because it is annoying when a Drow tells a Kobold to "get lost from where I hunt else I kill you". That's hardly RP enhancing, and if it enhances RP for you, it certainly does not for the environment.