The Island of Arelith
Arelith is a relatively small island lying west of the Sword Coast and the Moonshae Islands, somewhere in the trackless sea. Notable is its strange geography as the island contains craggy peaks, volcanic mountains, murky swamps, lush forests and misty coasts.
The city of Cordor, sitting on the southern coast, is the gateway to the island for most. Wharftown, a small fishing village, sits upon the island's western banks. To the north of Cordor lay the halfling fort of Bendir, sitting upon edge the of the vast Arelith Forest. Amidst these wilds lay the elven city of Myon, the shining beacon of Light Keep and the sacred grounds of the Heartwood Grove.
Beyond the relative safety of these settlements lay many secret places filled with mystery, adventure and danger. Will you be one to venture beyond the walls of civilization and face the ogres of the Skull Crags on your way to the logging camp of Guldorand? Or perhaps battle lizard-men on your way through the Swamps? Will you venture west off the coast and battle the beasts of Red Dragon Isle, or perhaps battle Balors as you journey down into the very depths of the Abyss itself?

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