The Rosewind area lies to the north-east of Cordor, and is considered a part of Cordor's territory, despite the occasional confusing legality. It is home to the Rosewind Troupe, a group of travelling Sunites who have made permanent camp in the area as a trade outpost and carnival of sorts. The Rosewind Troupe is also commonly associated with the Hinvasion.

Refestus Fizzlebiscuits tries his hand at the marksman's test.


The Rosewind Troupe's performing stage.

Points of interest include the marksman's test, performer's stage and display of exotic creatures.

Noteable NPCsEdit

  • Kalah and Noristan Aylomen - Sunite merchants, known for being tight-fisted with their pricing.
  • Fazbinarr - Jewelery merchant and Bank liason.
  • Fferfull Derlson - Inventor of an astrochronolometer, which when used, gives the exact date and time, as well as the year.
  • Barzenbus Floppysocks - Eccentric gnome who revels in keeping his monster exhibits in tip-top condition.
  • Esmerelda - A fortune teller of some renown, or so she claims.
  • Kerard - Gives a bounty to adventurers and bounty hunters who can produce the head of a criminal or particularly nasty creature.
  • Gimpy - Faithful guard dog of the Rosewind.