Roleplay rule is one of the 5 golden rules of Arelith servers. The following are few explanations and clarifications for it.

Roleplay is acting out the role of character that is represented by characters' sheet. On Arelith, it's not just a nice thing to do, it's what we do. Arelith is, first and foremost, a fantasy Role Play server, and so role play is what we expect of those who come to enjoy it.

There are many and diverse ways to stray from the path, but here are a few of the most egregious ways to break this rule:

  1. It is never allowed to send IC information via a Tell.
  2. There will be NO Role Play about real-world Politically charged subjects.
  3. There will be NO Role Play with 'good' aligned drow. Please read the definitive Drow policy for more information.
  4. Metagaming is not allowed and against roleplay.
  5. Muling rule, transferring items between your PCs.
  6. Switching characters rule, logging out and then logging in with a different PC to deal with the same situation.
  7. Psychic powers rule, claiming to get messages from other players through means that don't exist mechanically.
  8. Titles and modded appearances rule, creating a character with a special floaty name or with visualizations that are not allowed.
  9. Playing a child is not allowed on Arelith. Child is not a supported subrace. Youngest you are allowed to play is around 14 years old (young teenager). And that still does not mean you can pick the Halfling race and RP to be a 14 year old human child.
  10. Spell visuals that players see on the screen are the same visuals their character sees. Explanation is here.
  11. You are expected to roleplay your character sheet to the best of your abilities (see below).

Roleplaying characters' sheetEdit

DM Watchtower:

"You are expected to roleplay your character sheet to the best of your abilities. If your character becomes more Intimidating over the course of time on the island, I'd expect to see some points dropped into Intimidate. We have skills for a reason (beyond how much AC you can add with Tumble)."

"To be clear - I expect (and sometimes encourage) wiggle-room with a character's abilities in favor of furthering roleplay, but like all things, there's a certain line that I don't encourage players to cross. This isn't my opinion, this is the first rule of the server. You are expected to roleplay - A paladin is expected to roleplay a paladin, a druid is expected to roleplay a druid, and an RDD is expected to roleplay an RDD.
Skills aren't any different. The backbone of a character's roleplay is represented by the character sheet. Without this sort of interpretation of these guidelines, we can't keep the integrity of the server where we want it to be. If we allow people to RP having a high bluff, for example, when on their character sheet it reads -1, that isn't any different than someone wearing a horned helmed and claiming he's a half-balor; mechanical limitations are there to uphold the server's integrity.
With all of that said, these are still issues judged individually, player by player."
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