This list shows ranks of the City from the top down (Highest one need not bow to those below). I have included numbering, and the + system to add/subtract partial ranks according to noble status, temple, etc. These +'s add deference even from those above them at times, without adding actual Authority. I know this is somewhat vague... It should be! this is Drow rank; not military. The key is to try and give a general guideline to follow.

General Rules and TipsEdit

When equivalent ranks meet, the higher noble house deserves deference... this is not a matter of seniority or clear outranking; but more a "Protect your house by deferring to the higher house" feel. it is not absolute, nor mandatory; but if your matron gets smacked by the higher matron because you were rude to a noble; you'll likely feel it...

When all other things are equal; Nobility wins the day... If a commoner and a noble meet; the Nobility Deserves deference regardless of rank; plain and simple. Whether the ranks are Noble Sargtlin and commoner Faern or the other way around; Nobility earns deference by virtue of being nobility. this is a Truism that has existed throughout the ages; "Nobles rule." Once again; being a Noble Sargtlin and telling the Commoner Sutrinos who just gave you an order to get bent would be pretty bad for your health, but Noble blood does earn respect outside rank... FYI Nobility is marked by the wearing of GOLD trim on a person's clothing. If you are not noble; you probably should avoid Gold.

If it is female, show it some respect... Regardless of rank or temple status; if you are male and the person you are greeting is female; show it a tad more respect than just a *nods*. If you know their rank great; just be polite and courteous as any female deserves, unless said female forces you to actually pull rank on her. Remember this simple rule: If your matron were watching you greet this person; how would she react to your greeting? and you'll probably come out alive.



Position = Descending order of rank. If a rank is listed above another rank; it always outranks the ones below it; at least in theory. A M'elzar always outranks a Yath Abban in theory... In practice other things must be considered... Is the M'elzar a commoner? Is the Yath Abban noble? etc etc etc. (just used as a general example) A Prime example of this below is The "Ul" ranks outrank a Yath Tallar, yet pissing off a Yath Tallar will most likely Draw the Full Evil of the temple upon you, so...

Number = Relative rank. Anything with the same number means it is generally at the same rank as anything else with that number, and anything with a higher number generally will outrank those below it. Deference would go to the higher position (as above arrow states) but Variations also apply due to below System (+/-).

+/- = Adjust accordingly due to nobility; house, etc. A 5++ will deserve deference from a 5+ which will deserve the same from a 5. However, a 5++ will usually not outrank a 6; though nobility and temple status play a part... the Ul'Saress outranks a Yath Tallar; yet a Yath Tallar has temple status and so is accorded deference (7 opposed to a 7+)

Tier Status is absolute No matter any other influences involved; the Tier status may be considered as equal to the Caste system of Medieval society. If you are in tier 3 and you greet someone in Tier two; Tier two Will Outrank You. Once more; A tier Two commoner greeting a Tier Three noble should show deference to nobility; but they still do outrank the noble...

NOTE: Ranks that are automatically noble by virtue of the position they hold are marked with a * All others, noble status will play a part in position and deference as explained earlier.

Ranking SystemEdit

Tier 1: City LeadersEdit
  • Ilharess (Matron Mother) (10)
  • Ulath Tallar (First High Priestess) (8)
  • Yath Tallar (High Priestess) (7++)
  • Ul'Faeruk/Faerz'un'arr (Archmage) (7)
  • Ul'Saruk/Saress (City Weapon Master) (7)
  • Ul'Vegluk/Veldriss (Master of Assassins) (7)
Tier 2: Academy MastersEdit
  • Yathrin (Priestess) (6++)
  • C'Rintri (Otherwise Unranked Noble) (6+)
  • Qu'el'Faeruk (House Mage) (6)
  • Qu'el'Saruk/Saress (House Weapon Master) (6)
  • Qu'el'Vegluk/Veldriss (House Assassin) (6)
  • Faern (Wizard) (6)
  • Sutrinos (Commander) (6)
Tier 3: Confirmed RanksEdit
  • M'elzar (Mage) (5)
  • Draada (Lieutenant) (5)
  • Yath Abban (Temple Agent) (4++)
Tier 4: All OthersEdit
  • Temple Servant (Unconfirmed Yath Abban) (3+)
  • Zhuanin (Apprentice) (3)
  • Sargtlin (Warrior) (3)
  • Ssins D'Aerth ("Entertainer") (2)
  • Shebali (Rogue/houseless Drow) (1)
  • Wanre (Slaves and Servants)/All others (0)

Keep in mind all of this is still only Generalized Guideline; and the safest rule is to protect your behind and show respect to those who could mop the floor with you.