Roleplay is the heart and soul of our little world, and with that in mind, we've implemented a unique way to reward and encourage those who add to it.

An RP rating is a number between 0 and 40 that measures your demonstration of good Role Play and gamesmanship, perceived by the DMs. Here is a general guide to the ratings:

0 Rating: Does not stay in character, rushes around from spawn to spawn killing things with little to no interaction (OR, new to the server and unrated)
10 Rating: Stays in character somtimes.
20 Rating: Stays in character at all times, creates a memorable personality, and is fun to play with.
30 Rating: Shows exceptional aptitude to bring out the good RPer in those around them, is part of the living, breathing world and environment of Arelith.
40 Rating : "A master role player is one who is willing and able to bend their character concept to make the game more enjoyable for all involved. To assist the DM in making the game fun, and not to show discord." -Gary Gygax

Players will receive an XP bonus every game time hour (6 real time minutes) equal to your RP rating. If character has MoD then subtract 20 from that XP bonus to find out current RPR.

Note, this bonus is not subject to ECL adjustments and multiclassing penalties, so any character who has XP gain that is affected by either of those conditions won't get an adjusted RP bonus that is lower than their actual rating. Characters will only receive this bonus when actively interacting with the world and/or other players.

The RP rating is dynamic, and will go up and down throughout time on server as players are observed in different circumstances, according with the level of roleplay that they are currently displaying. Try not to take it personally if it goes down for a rash act. Rule breaking will result in a swift RP rating drop, likely to 0. Fear not, noble adventurer, it can be earned back later through good RP. Just remember that the RP rating bonus is just that: a bonus. It's our way of rewarding those players that help to make Arelith an enjoyable world to play in.

If you know someone who is an excellent RPer, feel free to nominate them for an RP bonus increase! (Note that the RP rating bonus in no way reflects your value as a player or human being. Some restrictions and limitations may apply, void where prohibited)

The MoD is also available. This will increase the experience gained by 20 (per 6 minutes), but not the actual rating (for PRC's or subraces).

For selection of subraces that require certain RPR to play is counted base RP-rating without MoD bonus. The gain from MoD is just bonus exp gain on top or RPR and valid only for that one character.

New players have to first start playing characters that do not require RP rating. After their RP gets noticed and RPR increased by DMs (which may take few day or few years), only after that they can create PCs with some rare races or classes that require higher rating to play.

RP rating is tied to players' CD key. So RP rating is kept for all characters and all player accounts played from the same CD key[1]. If you gain RPR of 20, then you will have that rating on all your characters, even on those newly created one.

Footnotes Edit

  1. This includes all characters on all Arelith servers