Quarters are areas that can be bought by players who want a place for their characters to call home, a place for privacy, or just a place to store extra stuff. Characters can customise own quarter by placing fixtures in it.

Quarter signsEdit

Each quarter and guild house has a sign out front that displays the name of the owner (if there is one) and its name. If quarter is available then it shows the price of the quarter and an option to buy it. When a character buys a quarter from another character the money spent goes straight into bank account of previous owner. All options regarding owned quarter are accessed through this sign.

Quarter and house doors can be bashed or opened by lock-picking. Owner can pay money to increase the strength of the door or the lock, but it also increases their rent/taxes. All items inside a quarter still fall under rule against excessive theft.

Different quarters and houses will have different prices for purchasing them, keeping them (taxes) and upgrading their security. This is dependent for example on their size, location, layout and accessories. Taxes are influenced also by politics in the settlement where the property is located.

When owner uses the sign, additional options and information are displayed. They will see the current tax bill in gold coins that is payed from their bank account once per game month and possibilities for managing the property.

Release propertyEdit

Manage securityEdit

Replace locks
Manage locks
Increase/decrease DC
Increase/decrease strength
Manage traps
Increase/decrease DC
Increase/decrease strength
Create key
  • When character wishes to share property with someone, they can create a key for them.
Toggle public
  • When character wishes to make property available for everyone to enter.

There is a maximum limit of about 127 for each DC and strength.

The moment quarters are bought by new owner, the old owner and all those with old keys loose possibility to access them (unless they lock pick their way in).

Manage propertyEdit


Put property up for saleEdit

Storage chestsEdit

Many quarters (but not all) contain a storage chest in which to permanently store items. Storage chests can store up to 20 items and will inform the user of how many items are in the chest when they are closed. Any excess items will be lost when the server resets.

Losing ownershipEdit

There are 5 ways in which character can lose ownership of property:

  • Characters may choose to abandon a quarter or put it up for sale by using sign to "Release" ownership or "Put it up for sale".
  • Real estates unused within real life time limit are considered abandoned and go for sale automatically.
  • When owner doesn't have enough money in bank account for paying rent, the real estate will go up for sale.
  • Settlement leaders can evict owners from real estate in their city (for IC reasons).
  • DM can remove ownership from those breaking the quarter rules (for OOC reasons).

Time limit for abandonment Edit

If character does not use own quarter at least once within the real life time limit mentioned on property, then it will go up for sale and can be bought by anyone. Majority of real estates has limit of 7 days, 0 hours and 0 minutes (realtime), but there are some with limit of only 4 days, 14 or 48 days.

DMs will never return a lost quarter to player because the timer ran out and someone else got there first. If you don't intend to use your quarter for a lengthy period of time it is considered polite to give it up so that other players can use it. Some DMs even frown heavily on those who log in once a week only to renew their hold on a quarter or shop.


Some areas may have restrictions on who can buy quarters there. These are always denoted with prominent signage. Check the surrounding area carefully for restrictions if you aren't sure you can buy a quarter somewhere. People buying quarters they shouldn't will usually be evicted by settlement leaders.

Guild houseEdit

"A guildhouse is defined as a quarter that has one or more quarters inside it, which are purchased separately and thus have different keys." Mithreas

Any large building which has no internal quarters is just a large quarter, not a guild house. Even big house with two floors and chest is still considered to be a quarter OOC.

For guild houses is valid most of the information mentioned above for quarters. Their time limit for abandonment is usually 28 RL days.

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