Across Arelith there are a number of magic portals which characters can use to instantly move from one place to another. A character can only use portals which he or she has "activated". To activate a portal all you need to do is click on it.

There are four types of portals on Arelith
  • Two way
  • One way entrance only
  • One way exit only
  • Single destination

Two Way PortalsEdit

You can travel from these portals to any other Two Way or One Way Exit Only portal. You can travel to them any other Two Way or One Way Exit Only portal.

One Way Entrance OnlyEdit

Very similar to the Two Way portals, you can travel from this type of portal to any Two Way or One Way Exit Only portal, however you cannot travel to this portal by any means.

One Way Exit OnlyEdit

The opposite of a One Way Entrance Only portal you can travel from any Two Way or One Way Entrance only portal to this portal, but you cannot travel to anywhere from this portal.

Single DestinationEdit

Often (but not always) found deep in dungeons this type of portal leads directly from one place to one other place (though not always back again).

Portal Lenses and -teleportEdit

Portal Lenses can be purchased from many NPC shops for about 5000 gold pieces. The -teleport command can be accessed if you have Epic Spell Focus: Transmutation. Using either will allow you to portal much as if using a One Way Entrance Only portal.

Notes: A character will automatically drop any corpses they are carrying before portalling.