A House-less drow male who began his career as a humble Sargtlin for Quellar Elg'Carin, Nath'aered Kil'zynge quickly rose in power among the warriors of Udos Dro'xun. Over time, he surpassed his masters and broke away from the Quellar to follow his faith. Appointed by the Ulath'tallar as her personal guardian, Nath'aered began to assemble a cadre of elite warriors under his command. These followers titled him "Ventashma" or The Leader of the group, now named "Killian Yath" or Swords of the Temple. Many years later, Nath'aered was appointed Judicator of Selvetarm and granted a special weapon rumored to by the legendary Blade of Lolth itself. His tireless efforts in defending the city and Temple led to a time where heretics and kivvil (surfacer) incursions were at an all-time low. It was then he made the decision to disband the branch of the Killian Yath in Udos. He left Udos under Temple orders to form new Killian Yath factions in other drow cities.

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