Note: Mithreas is taking a short sabbatical from the server. He will not be responding to (or reading) forum threads or responding to (or reading) private messages until further notice, effective from Tue Apr 14, 2009. He'll be around on IM and things, but anyone needing admin input should contact JJ direct.

His minions still have code access to fix up anything critical that pops up, and Fire Boar has full module access to integrate anything that JJ approves, so Arelith is unlikely to have a temporary return of the post-Giga darkness when bugs went unfixed and there was wailing and gnashing of teeth.

British resident scripter of Arelith.

Mithreas (Mith) is the newest member of the development team, having joined the server in Autumn 06 and the dev team in late Spring 07. Mith was previously an administrator on the Glorwing PW, and has helped out with consultancy on a few other worlds (but is kept far too busy by RL to do that any more).

With the occasional help of users like Fireboar, Mithreas tackles the scripting of Arelith, using the NWN engine originally designed by Gigaschatten to create a more immersive and dynamic game world.

Location: London, UK

Contact information is available for registered members on forums here.

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