Founded by Nath'aered Kil'zynge of Udos Dro'Xun. Nath'aered Kil'zynge commanded the Killian-Yath for many years before disbanded. They have since been reinstated with new rankings but common goals. The Killian Yath's first and primary goal is to protect the Temple and its interests. This includes hunting down and capturing renegade drow; returning them to the Temple for proper sacrifice. Acting outside the House politics, the Killian Yath serve the city itself, rather than the Houses. Answering to the Ulath’tallar and her Yath before any other, including the First Matron.


A elite force of "Temple Knights" Also known as "Spider Knights". The Killian-Yath are guards to the temple, and its Yath. These chosen few remain houseless and otherwise rankless in Udos Dro'Xun, serving only the Arach-Tinilith. They have gone through intense training and testing in order to claim such. Not to be confused with city guards appointed by the Melee Magthere. This band of warriors over power the skill of the Magthere guards, some so much they refuse to claim being part of the Academy.


Veldruk/Veldress Kyrol (Shadow Master/Mistress Guard)Edit

The head of the Killian-Yath, responsible for recruitment, testing and tactics.