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Ao, Tyr and Hoar of Arelith in one person.

Server owner.

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Please, take up any and all problems with a DM before you go to Jjjerm. The only time you should go to Jj before going to a DM is when you have a well-conceived complaint about one of the staff that you have personally dealt with (or been dealt with by).


"Please ensure that any private messages(PMs) that you send to me are concise and state the issue, the players involved, and most importantly are brief. I don't need 3 pages of backstory, or want it. In fact, if you send me something that's rambly or 5 pages long telling me about how you're feeling, I'm just going to send it back and ask you for the condensed version. PLEASE, be very concise in your PM, if I need additional detail that I can't get from the logs, i'll ask for it in a follow up email."

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Preferred way of contact:

Private Message(PM) on forums

Other possibilities:


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The World of Arelith - old interview with Jjjerm

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