Before you report any new bugs, please try to first look at common bugs list and look at Arelith Help Desk forums if something similar was not reported already.

You can also use Search function on forums to obtain useful information.

All bugs, that are not exploits, can be reported on Bug Reports forum

Exploits Edit

If the bug can cause exploits, unearned out of character gains, or cause intentional serious out of character harm to characters of other players, then PLEASE report such bug in private message to developers. Do not post such bugs on open forums.

Relevant informationEdit

The developers usually don't need to know whole history of your character, who was your inspiration for it, the colour of your socks and the mood of your dog. Try to include only basic information in short form and check the topic later in case they will want to ask you some additional details.

Information that are usually helpful:

  • Who? - Name of character and players' account
  • What? - Short description of the event and circumstances
  • When? - Today after reset of server or two months ago when server was 30 hours running and in heavy lag
  • Where? - Try to be concrete.
    • "Some transitions are bugged" is not helpful.
    • "Transition from Bramble Woods (Arcane Tower) to tower caused this" will be much better.
  • How often? - Did this happened for the first time or have you heard about similar cases already

Public CD keyEdit

Sometimes, you can be asked to provide your public CD key (this would be likely requested by PM). Instructions how to obtain it and more details can be found in topic CD Key.