Metal weapons receive bonuses based upon the metal used for construction. Essences will raise the level requirement by 1-8 levels based on the quality of the item and essence. As a general rule, lower level items (bronze) will be more affected than higher level items (Damask). See Weapon guide for details.

Type Bonus Min. Level
Bronze 1
Iron Attack Bonus + 1 3
Damage Bonus + 1
Masterly Iron Attack Bonus + 1 5
Damage Bonus + 2
Steel Attack Bonus + 2 7
Damage Bonus + 2
Damask Attack Bonus + 3 11
Damage Bonus + 3
Masterly Steel Attack Bonus + 2 12
Damage Bonus + 4
Masterly Damask Attack Bonus + 3 17
Damage Bonus + 6

Slashing Weapons

Battleaxe Bastard sword Double axe
Dwarven waraxe Greataxe Greatsword
Halberd Handaxe Kama
Katana Kukri Longsword
Scimitar Scythe Sickle
Two-bladed sword

Piercing Weapons

Dagger Rapier Short sword
Spear Trident

Bludgeoning Weapons

Club Dire mace Heavy flail
Light flail Light hammer Mace
Morningstar Warhammer

Projectile Weapons

Dart Light crossbow Shuriken
Throwing axe


Metal armours receive bonuses based upon the metal used for construction. Each piece of an armour set grants a specific damage immunity: Slashing for body armor, Bludgeoning for helmets, and Piercing for shields. Due to the base cost of items, applying a resistance essence may increase the level requirement by 1-2 levels. Again, lower level items will be more affected by essences than higher level items.

Type Bonus Min. Level
Bronze Damage 5% Immunity 1
Iron Damage 10% Immunity 5
Steel Damage 10% Immunity 8
AC Bonus +1
Mithral Damage 10% Immunity 10
AC Bonus +2
Weight Reduction: 80%
Adamantine Damage 10% Immunity 11 (FP: 12)
AC Bonus +3


Chain mail Scale mail Banded armour
Half-plate armour Full-plate armour


Barbarian helmet Blackguard's helmet Fighter's helmet
Elven helmet Dwarven helmet Helmets from different metals


Small shield Large shield Tower shield


Miscellaneous small


Miscellaneous large

Fire bowl
Cooking workstation

Miscellaneous thin

Bag of arrow heads
Repeating crossbow bolts
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