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There are many nations in Abeir-Toril (the world :P), and most of them have parallels to real-world nations of times past. The creators took inspiration from reality and therefore different countries in Faerun correspond to Earth.

Amn is Spain, but with deffinate ties to England, but more mercantile then either.

---> Gibraltar???

Cormyr: France, but it also has some Italian overtones, so Southern France, aka Pays d'Oc, basically. The Border Kingdoms are most comparable to the fractured state Germany was in after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire.

Moonshae Islands - Moonshae's are late era Celt, having more in common with the Briton era then the Celtic era. (Wales/Scotland)

Thay - Oriental country

  • They have roots in Mulhorand (Egypt). Current Thay is most similar to Carthage in my opinion, possibly the Alamohads.
  • They fled Mulhorand to get independence... Maybe Jews?

Rashemen - other Slavic nations

  • Rashemen is the Slavic nations and Thay is Russia, considering they're constantly trying to invade Rashemen.
  • Rashemen can't be Russia, it's mostly Dark Age Germanic tribes.

Thesk is Cossack Russia with a a bit of Bizantium.

Mulhorand: Egypt

Unther: Mesopotamia/Sumeria

Chessenta: Ancient Rome/Greece

Maztica - Maya/Inca/Azteca. (Mexico)

Chult: South America, and I believe there are African elements as well.

Kara-Tur: Has Many parts, all of them Asian nations. (Shou Lung/Tu Lung: Imperial China. Kozakura/Wa: Japan. Tabot: Tibet. Koryo: Korea. Ra-Khati: Nepal. Bawa: Taiwan. Horse-Plains: Mongolia. Malatra: Laos/Vietnam. Island Kingdoms: Philippines)

  • In Kara-Tur, Malatra is most of Southeast Asia. I believe Kuong Kingdom is somewhat like Burma/Northern India, and maybe Thailand and Cambodia too. The Indian mythology that is used in Kuong is also used in present day Burma and Thailand. The Island Kingdoms in the southeast are the Philippines.

Horse-Plains, Hordelands - Mongols

  • Tuigan Horde from the North East, what the maps label The Endless Wastes.

Semphar: Persia


  • German, quite probably including territories from times of Austria–Hungary (including Czech and Slovakia, Hungary or even part of Austria)
  • Just found such places as Praka (Praga) river [don't remember] and Mine Ostra which means in Polish sharp (and correspond to Czech city Ostrava with coal mines).
  • Damara is Eastern Europe... But it lacks the later Gypsy culture. It can't be germany, because Germany was a either a massive empire, (the Holy Roman Empire) or it was a bunch of squabbling city-states, that no one could really keep track of. Damara has some parrelels to Germany, in that it's "Fallen" from former greatness. However, for a single country, Damara must be Austria or Poland. Also, look at the naming standards of Damarans.. I have never seen any Heinz or Schmidt's. However, I've seen lots of Damaran notables with names like Blaskawicz, Ivanski, and Lorenov. If Damara is Germany, it's writers knew nothing of Germany.
  • Damara, under King Gareth Dragonsbane, resembles the Holy Roman Empire quite well in fact. Dragonsbane's a paladin of Ilmater, a great parallel to (some of) the Emperor's of the Empire, without all the Investiture Controversy.
  • Damara, is more like Prussia, like Teutonic, Prussia. As they have many-dogoodery types there, that Tormite. And they're more eastern, sort of in style. And thusly, and essentially, German.
  • They're eastern Holy Roman Empire at its peak - Poland-ish, and all the other countries that were partially or fully absorbed into the Imperial territories. So... german and eastern european, mixed.

Gypsies exist in Forgotten Realms, Lightfoot halflings have many parralels, and the Spelldancers are gypsies, plane and simple. Even to the point where the Spelldancers claim their from Mulhurond. (Gypsies were often referred to by Europeans as "Egyptians", which degraded to "gyptian", then finally "Gypsy".)

Endless Waste - Middle East Plain (and maybe Central Siberia Uplands).

Calimshan - Middle East/ Turkey

Icewind Dale is partly Nordic, Partly Eskimo, with a lot of parallels to early colonized Canada.

  • Scandinavian inspired is most of the North where Illuskans live, including the whole western part of the Spine of the World, and just south of the Wall.

Waterdeep could be Amsterdam. But there are some connections to London too.

Golden Way - Silk Road

According to Greenwood, Unther is Babylon. (so: Iraq / Iran?)

The Vilhon Reach is kind of vaguely Mediteranean. Lots of parralels to Greece, Rome, and Judea.

Tethyr is probably the Kingdom of Aragon, Genoa, England and Valencia all thrown into one.

Vaasa - Vaasa is Finland. Just try ask google.

  • I would have thought that -it- would have been more Russian 1000-1400, very nomadic, constant threat of outsiders (the Vikings/Mongols anyone?) etc.

Sembia = Venice of the 13th C. ?

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