A database originally created by Chris and maintained by Fire Boar.


Encyclopedia Arelithica is a large database of in-character information about many aspects of Arelith, specifically the non-player characters and player characters, guilds, items, historic events and locations. There is also a bestiary which lists a number of the beasts that can be found around the island.


Everyone can edit an article if they wish; it is simply a matter of browsing to the article in question and clicking "change entry". Articles can also be added by anyone, about anything that is relevant. When a new article or a change is submitted, the change is not immediate - it must be looked over by a moderator before being added. This ensures that the encyclopedia is always of a high standard.


There is a team of active moderators who look over the articles which have been submitted and approve or reject them: one can therefore expect to see an article appear in the encyclopedia within a day. The moderators consist of some of the older players on Arelith, who are quite knowledgable about what is noteworthy and what isn't.

A moderator's job has three main parts. They are in charge of ensuring that the articles are to a high standard. This basically involves correcting spelling and grammar when necessary. The articles are also checked to make sure that they do not exaggerate too much, or give out of character information. The third job is assigning notability to the articles which need it: a "historic" or "epic" status is given to any entry which is particularly notable - see below about this.

Historic and EpicEdit

Especially noteworthy articles may be assigned "historic" or "epic" status. Historic or epic articles are given a small mark near their name in the index, and people can filter out non-historic or non-epic articles when browsing the list if they wish.

Items cannot be historic or epic - they can however be marked "enchanted", "crafted" or "unique".

Only moderators may add historic or epic status to entries, but there is a comment section which may be used to alert a moderator to a possible candidate for historic or epic status. "Historic" tag is usually granted to a character who is vell known and accomplished within a larger guild, town or faction. This, of course, does not apply to known characters of unknown factions. An "Epic" characters actions span across the island and their life has influenced actions and outcomes of others in other settlements in many ways.

Encyclopedia Arelithica 2.0Edit

Modern and improved version of the encyclopedia has been in development part-time by the original developer Chris since 2009. A summer release was planned for EA2.0, but it has been postponed until further notice. Many new features are planned for the new release, including a better networking system between entries, more established timeline, and a much improved character entry/page options for the users. Differently from EA1.0, the new version also implements the concept of users, who can keep track of their own submitted entries, as well as be granted moderation rights by moderating team depending on their added content quality. EA2.0 will also include numerous User Interface updates which streamline and improve the usability of the encyclopedia.

The project was put to indefinite hold after the developer left Arelith. In-development screenshot of EA2.0 is available here:

Project was restarted by Fire Boar in late January 2010.

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