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One of the few items given to your character upon creation is the Arelith Book of Deities, an item in your character's inventory allowing you to choose for them a patron deity for whom to serve. The benefits of having a deity are detailed in this article about Divine Interventions.

All spell casters on Arelith are required to have patron Deity to cast higher level spells, including Arcane casters.

Note: On Arelith, all worshippers have to follow the restrictions posed in Forgotten Realms D&D on Clerics' Alignments. That means that characters of all classes who wants to follow a God have to conform to "clerical alignments".

For example:

Bane allows only clerics of LE or NE alignments in Forgotten Realms.
Still a rogue or barbarian of different alignment (like CE or LN) could select Bane for patron deity and worship him in Forgotten Realms.
The same is not possible mechanically on Arelith. On Arelith even rogue would have to be LE or NE to select him from Book of Deities.

Generally, Clerics' Alignments are one step from Gods' alignment, but there are some exceptions and some Arelith modifications compared to D&D.

For example: Akadi (NN) accepts more followers on Arelith: NG, LN, N, CN, NE.

The subcategories found above list of all Arelith Gods will allow you to see all Deities available to character of certain alignment.


It is recommended for clerics to choose domains listed with their Deity or those that are close to their dogma. The selection of domains is not mechanically enforced in any way. Use your better judgment and common sense.

Power and PresenceEdit

Presence is a value you can directly affect by sacrificing gold at an altar. This is used to calculate how much power you can have, and how often your deity-abilities work. This number gradually decreases over time. If presence hits 0%, power will also instantly be set to 0% as well.

Presence decreases constantly over time.

Power is used to calculate how much 'juice' your deity has left. To get any of the deity benefits the deity's power must be higher than it costs to use the ability. Spells greater than level 6, god-raises, and *prays* all sap a deity's power. Power 'refills' at a rate of (presence/10) per hour, rounded down.

Power decreases when used (higher level spells, *prays*, God raises, etc.).

Available DeitiesEdit

Arelith Gods are listed on this page.


  • If your god isn't listed, choose a substitute.
  • If your god is listed, choose them. No substitutes.

Though - you're allowed to respect multiple gods. You can RP being a faithful Oghmyte while serving Mystra so long as you also RP serving Mystra at least as much.

Tips for selecting substitute deity Here are few things to consider when selecting substitute deity to mechanically represent god that character worships: Look for deity that:

  • Same or similar alignment (for example from Deities breakdown by alignment)
  • Same or similar allowed alignment for their clerics and worshipers
  • Same or similar allowed domains
  • Same or similar dogma
  • Superiors of worshiped god (for example: head of racial pantheon)

Following links below lead to lists of mechanically supported Gods on Arelith server that are listed the same way as in game Book of Deities.

Major deities
Intermediate deities
Lesser deities

Stolen from Book of Deities and updated on Wed Apr 16 2008.

(Details about all Gods can be currently found from forums or Forgotten Realms' Wikia)

Deities breakdown by alignmentEdit

Main article: Deities breakdown by alignment (of mechanically supported Gods)

If you are looking for a supported God to mechanically represent your role-played God, then this small list could help you. Deities breakdown by alignment table includes Deities sorted by their alignments. Please note, that same alignment of God doesn't mean that they would support clerics and worshipers of the same alignment.

To see all Deities available to character of certain alignment, click on the subcategories for each alignment listed here.

Player-created deitiesEdit

Main article: Player-created deities

Player-created deities are supported entirely through roleplaying, inspired by characters within the Arelith world. They are not mechanically supported by the Deity system at this time, and are not considered "canon" Forgotten Realms deities. Yet you can encounter characters on Arelith that worship them.

Other Deities Edit

There are other Gods in Forgotten Realms that are not selectable mechanically on Arelith, but whose worship can be roleplayed. For details see explanation on start of list with Forgotten Realms Deities.

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Note that many resources on internet can be from D&D 4th edition or AD&D. Not all information from them would be valid on Arelith! (Including the information from links below that date to year 1372 DR and after.)

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