DM Iron (while resetting the server): "Phi is my mentor. :)"

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Bio: Usually I run quests in the Underdark. That does not stop me from popping over to the surface and dropping a Golem or two on folks. I find that I would rather supplement the play of PCs than to generate a cold quest. On occasion, I develop and run quests, but I am here to work with the players. And if they have a quest idea or are running a player run event, I usually ask for permission to jump in and supplement their role play.

Pros: I believe this NWN server is a distraction from real life. And nothing more. I enjoy what I do. If I didn't I wouldn't be running quests. I believe it shows in my enthusiasm as I interact with players.

Cons: I can't bring myself to feel sorry for you. Pity and sympathy are concepts I have never understood. Its a game folks.

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