Common words in the drow tongue

For a detailed look at how drow players use the Arelith -language features, please read this article.

Note - It is highly recommended that new drow players read the above article, as it will clear up a lot of confusion regarding language in the Arelith Underdark.

Underdark players (and a few unlucky surface players) will notice that drow characters often make use of weird expressions Like: "dos", "xas", "usstan" or "Kivvil". Theese words are part of the drow dictionary, and in order to improve the role playing and distinguish the drow way of speaking from the other races, many drow-owner players use them.

A list of common terms have been published on the arelith boards (credit to sojouner and fire boar), if you either play or wish to start a drow character, it is strongly recomended to have the following list copied on your journal:

Yes = Xas

No = Nau

Not = Naut

Thank you = Bel'la Dos (apostrophe positioning optional)

Matron = Ilharess (other valid spellings include Illharess and Il'lharess)

Queen/supreme ruler (not really used here) = Valsharess

Lolth bless you = Lolth kyorl dos

Lolth be praised = Lolth tlu malla

Surfacer = Kivvil

Human = Rivvil

Surfacer Elf = Darthiir

I (myself/this one) = usstan

me = Ussa

mine = Usst

My = Ussta

you = dos

your = Dossta

yours = dosst

Yourself = Dosstan

I/we Greet You = Vendui'

I/we Leave You = Aluve'

Of course = Del'heen

(general curse) = Vith

Male (Gender) = jaluk

Male in charge of something = Jabbuk

Female (Gender) = jalil

Mistress (Respectful way to address an unknown female) = Jabress

sister = dalninil

Brother = Dalninuk

Daughter = Dalharil

Son = Dalharuk

honoured = malla

Example: Of course, honoured Matron, I will do that for you. = Del'heen, malla Ilharess, usstan will do that for dos.

NOTE: You do not have to know these words if you play a Drow, you can always ask to the other players in case they said something you did not understand, still, knowing them will make RP flow way faster and will spare you from OOC chats (tells),which can take away your attention from the main RP focus.

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