Some changes to existing characters require assistance from DMs or developers.

Some changes, such as change of subrace or MoD selection, are not supported on Arelith. For such you would have to do Character Remake.

Change of name Edit

Bad things can happen when such is done. Including:

  • loss of quarters/shops
  • loss of bank account
  • loss of unique items (Muling script will remove them.)

Mithreas: "This is an expected outcome from having your name changed - we know there are lots of side effects which is why we strongly encourage people not to do it."

Change of alignment Edit

Main article: Alignment

DM Qizzia: "In general:

  • Changes evil/good and vice versa, yes. One step at the time.
  • Changes Chaotic/lawful, no."

Change of skills or feats Edit

None of this is done on Arelith. Players can ask a DM for removal of needed experiences for deleveling of character, but they will not get those experiences back from DM afterward.

Change of crafting pointsEdit

Change of crafting skills could be implementable, "but it would require an annoying hack in the code and wouldn't work for delevelling multiple times (without multiple nasty hacks)" (Mithreas) and will not be done.

Other changes (portraits, voices, skin colours and similar)Edit

Please, do not request any physical modifications for a character. If player makes a mistake on character creation, the currently the only option is to remake that character.

In the near future, there will be a way to automate this so that any player can make changes to own characters. Developers are working on such system.

Release time: unknown.
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