Brogendenstein rests approximately two-thirds of the way up to the peak of the Dark spire mountains. Its nearest neighbors are Wharftown west of the mountain's base, and the floating city of Myon to the east.


The Golden Hall of Brogendenstein is a Dwarven refugee outpost high atop the Dark Spires. Originally meant to be a temporary settlement, the outpost has grown to a size equivalent of a small hamlet under the rule of a monarch elect, King Gorann 'Scar' Bloodletter.


  • King Belrun Battlehammer
  • Queen Grena Battlehammer
  • Steward Barok Anvilguard
  • King Gorann 'Scar' Bloodletter
  • Maxkar Delinar of Ironshield

Places of InterestEdit

The Golden HallEdit


Brogendenstein's recently expanded shopping arcade.

The grand hall of Brogendenstein leads directly to the monarch's throne. Longbeard Khazaad stands by the throne at all times, prepared to distribute the King's bounty to accomplished adventurers. Announcer Loirin Hairn is often nearby to shout the daily news.

To the south lies a recently expanded public shopping arcade and sacrificial altar. Prominent merchants include Jordor the Jeweler and Gulinia the Seamstress. Tobura Bellencklen stands by the altar prepared to aid travellers for a small donation to the Morndinsamman. The entrance to the Half Pissed Pint and a custom order forge are also in this area.

North of the main hall are living and working areas, as well as the public forge. Grundi works tirelessly here, melting down confiscated weapons and armor to be resold as fine Dwarven Craft. Then entrance to the inner hall, Dumathoin's Delve, and the craft hall are all in this wing.

The Half Pissed PintEdit


Did we mention the beer?

The famed "Half Pissed Pint" is Brogendenstein's one and only pub, serviced by Bighorne Rhek. The menu consists of water, ale, stout, lager, porter, mead, metheglin, melomel, single malt spirits, dwarven whiskey, pilsner, bock, pale ale, white ale, amber ale,brown ale and barley wine. Beer is free to all dwarves. Hungry travellers may purchase sausages and cram. One may also buy beer. Rooms are available to especially tired travellers, and after staying it is customary to enjoy one of the fine varieties of beer.

The Craft HallEdit

Brogendenstein's craft hall is a no-nonsense crafting room. Clockwise from the entrance, one will find areas dedicated to tailoring, alchemy, carpentry, and art crafting. In the center there is a Book of Trade and enchantment basin.

Dumathoin's DelveEdit

The mines of the Golden Hall are closely guarded and contain private mineral reserves. Visitors are invited to stay out, as there is a public forge. On occasion, however, visitors may be escorted within under close supervision.

The Inner HallEdit


The Inner Hall's grand meeting table

Brogendenstein's living area is behind locked door. Six clan homes are here, as well as a grand meeting table, free beer, and a message board. Despite the Golden Hall's outward "Dwarves Only" stance, certain guests my find themselves invited to see the Dwarven jail.

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