Bendir Dale is the stretch of land that covers the Heartland of southern Arelith. It is bordered to the east by the Skull Crags, to the south by the Bramble Woods and Cordor, to the west by the Bitter Coast, Wharftown, and the Forest of Despair, and finally, to the north by the Arelith Forest. The Dale is home to multiple clans of Orcs, goblins, a small population of giants, and the Hin population of Arelith.

Fort BendirEdit


Fort Bendir was founded by refugees from the nearby monastary after it was successfully seized by Morguun the Black. Families and servants, children and surviving monks were evacuated under the leadership of Drum of the Hin Fist, as well as his student (and adopted son) Mallis Silverfist. It became the seat of government for the region as well as a home to a great many hin seeking a alternative to life in Cordor. Further residents came after the fall of Kohlingen, where the surviving hin of Minmir looked to the Dale as a safe haven.


Bendir Dale covers a large part of central Arelith. The regions are as follows; Fort Bendir, Bendir Dale Trader's Route, The Cave in the Mound, Bendir Ruins, The Vineyard and Bendir Hills. During the administration of Bendir's second Mayor the Ruling Senate of Cordor formally recognized Fort Bendir's sovereignty over these regions.

Bendir Hills and Bendir Ruins are considered to be occupied Bendir Territory and the Guards of Bendir are sworn to do all they can to retake control of these areas, or at the very least prevent the influence of Morguun the Black from spreading.

Bendir Dale has an ongoing territory dispute with the Bloodmoon orcs, another sworn enemy of Bendir and rumoured to secretly be under the influence of Morguun the Black.

Occupying central Arelith, and at the meeting of many roads Fort Bendir has always been most aware of its trading potential. Primarily a trading fort, it has always taken efforts that anyone willing to pay is welcome. This is more than a mere excercise in greed, it is precisely the steady stream of trade income that prevents Bendir Dale from falling, being as it is a potential resource to all factions of Arelith.


Bendir was originally a hin only settlement, though following the formation of 'The Earthkin Alliance', a pact between first Mayor of Bendir; Mallis Silverfist and the King of Brogdenstein; Belrun Battlehammer, it became a potential home to all hin, gnomes and dwarves willing to settle there.

For the most part it remains hin, though there has been many notable gnomes that have chosen to settle there. The hin of Bendir generally favour the gnomish aspect of the Earthkin Alliance over that of the Dwarven, though the Strongheart amongst them have a reverse attitude owing to their people's traditional closeness with the dwarven race.


Of course there are a great many of these, what follows in an overview of those one's considerede notable at the current time.

Stregio, Defender of Bendir

Stregio came to the Fort Bendir not long after the Stonehold Occupation. Having heard of the settlement's woes, and the enemies that surrounded it he pledged to defend it with his life. He is the commander of the Bendir Defenders and is charged with the providing the last line of defence against any invader. He is widely regarded as the strongest of the Bendir hin and not without cause, those that have seen him fight at a brief stint within Cordor Arena testify to his prowess. Any visitor to Bendir with a bounty to collect may see him for their payment.

Drum of the Hin Fist

Aged founder of Bendir Dale. After its founding he chose to forgo the luxuries of civilized living and instead chose to mediate and train in the seclusion of his Turfhouse dwelling. From time to take he would take an apprentice but other than that took no interest in the governing of the settlement he founded, leaving that instead to his student Mallis Silverfist (1st Mayor of Bendir). Not long after the death of Mallis, Drum left Fort Bendir to live out the rest of his life in the Skull Crag's monastary.


One of two sisters skilled in the arts of healing, Prith is medic to Bendir Dale. She has had many years experience in tending to the Bendir Defenders, and with the many invasion attempts that have befallen Bendir she has seen more than her fair share of sorrow. Has long been rumoured to be having an ongoing romance with Darar the jeweller.


Popular with few the outgoing Darar makes his living from hawking overpriced jewellery to the many visitors to the Dale, and taking advantage of slow witted adventurers who don't realize the value of their hard won loot.

Myrtle, The Bendir Cow

The beloved cow of Bendir, times were hard before her arrival, green cheese and black tea, but thankfully that dark era is now over.


No one PC is more important than another so I'll keep this section short, covering any PC who has ever held a position in the Dale. For their respective stories best look to that in game.

Mallis Silverfist: 1st Mayor of Bendir (deceased). Perriry Bare: Captain Under Mallis, now exiled for treason, torture and murder. Perudo Grassen: Short lived captain of the Dale. Narcysia: 4th Mayor of Bendir, one of three gnomish sisters who came to the dale. Sagrin Spellblossom: Captain of the Dale under Lincoln Amblis. Felcia: 3rd Mayor of Bendir, one of the three sisters. Merin Bogul: Gnomish mage, captain of Bendir. Cuati Mundi: Long serving deputy in the Bendir Guard, suffered a breakdown after the second Stonehold Conflict. Lincoln Amblis: 2nd (and 5th) Mayor of Bendir. Kazdul Jeld: Long serving morale officer in the Bendir Guard, lost faith in the leadership of the Dale following what he considered their mismanagement during the second Stonehold Conflict.


Bendir Dale and Cordor

Bendir Dale has always had good relations with the city of Cordor, though has resisted any attempts at control by it's largest neighbour. This is a delicate situation, and the leadership of the Dale has always been reluctant to harbour any person wanted in Cordor or do anything else to jeopordise the good relations the two regions share.

Bendir Dale and the Grove

While under the leadership of Mallis Silverfist the two factions maintained a close relationship owing to his position as a druid. This relationship grew stronger following Bendirian intervention on an attack on the grove by the sorcerer Keth, but then suffered while the grove was under the leadership of Dacey Calhoun, a resident of Bendir who allied the grove with Stonehold not long after the latter sacrificed may captured Bendirians (from the first Stonehold war) to their god. Currently relations between the two remain neutral.

Bendir Dale and the Light Keep

Relations between these two groupings have always remained strong, though outwardly neutral. They have come to the aid of Bendir many times and during the time of his possession Mallis Silverfist was taken there and treated by their clergy. Lincoln Amblis's long term close friendship with priestess Lexi further strengthened the bond between the two during his leadership.

Bendir Dale and Clan Ironhelm

The dwarves of Brogdenstein have long been Bendir Dale's closest and only formal ally. The dwaven king was close to the first mayor and contunued to offer his support to the settlement during subsequent administrations. In almost every attempted invasion of the Dale the dwaves of Brogdenstein have been present. Their king was captured and flogged by the Banites during the Stonehold occupation and each and every Bendirian is aware they owe Ironhelm a great deal.

Bendir Dale and Stonehold

A long, complicated history involving much conflict that orginally erupted following Mallis Silverfist's decision to break the Banite seige of Cordor. The nearby Stonehold responded by mounting a ferocious offensive against the Dale. Capturing the Dale's leadership and taking a great many prisoners from among the Bendir Guard. Along with a shadow dragon they occuppied Bendir for some time, and despite many attempts to remove them the occupation only ended when the Banites chose to leave, when they did they took a great many prisoners with them.

It was not long before Stonehold fell under a mass offensive from the other factions of the isle, particularly the knights of the Light Keep who along with many celestial servants reduced the fortress the ruins. However the Bendirian prisoners from the occupation were put to work as slaves, building much of the new Banite fortress.

Some years later, after their work was done, these slaves were sacrificed in a huge pire in Arelith Forest. The then Mayor of Bendir, after being called to the site of the sacrifice and suffering the taunts of Stonehold's minions ordered the assassination of the Dreadmaster. The two groups then met at the Grove and war was again declared. It was shortlived, as facing much dissent over his decision from his fellow Bendirians who feared a repeat of the terrible loss suffered under Mallis, Mayor Lincoln Amblis reluctantly signed a truce before retiring from office. Stonehold agreed to recognize Bendir's autonomy and Bendir agreed to allow to any Banite to trade at the fort, so long as they came and went in peace. This treaty remains if effect to this day.

Bendir Dale and Udos

Bendir Dale's history with the drow is no less bloody than that with Stonehold. They have suffered many raids, and had many their people captured and taken prisoner in Udos. These include Perriry Bare, Felicia and Dacey Calhoun (albeit long after her residency of the Dale) The capture of Perirry Bare sparked an ongoing conflict between the two with the hin and gnomes of Dale seeking to take the fight to them in an attempt to rescue their captain.

During this period Mayor Mallis Silverfist, against the advice of his council agreed to shelter a female drow exile, who later betrayed the Dale, further increasing the tensions between the Drow and Bendirians.

Perirry Bare fell under the inlfluence of the drow, and following his accompanying them on raids of Bendir, and his kidnapping and torture of Felcia was exiled from Bendir and removed from the Earthkin Alliance, his exile remains in effect to this day.

In the years that followed Narcysia stalked the drow and killed a great many, proudly showing the stripes of blood she would mark herself with after each successful kill, with her and her sisters departure many feel that the drow threat will soon resurface as they realize the Dale is no longer under her protection. It was also during these years that elderly former mayor Mallis was captured and murdered by the drow, where it is said they removed his heart in some bizzare ritual.

Bendir Dale and Wharftown

These two smaller nearby trading settlements have always been on good terms, though contact was limited for a long time due to the old Banite Fortress being positioned between the two. Even now, with few willing to travel past the Stonehold ruins and the dangerous Bendir Hills, caravans running west of Bendir are few and far between. Instead trade between the two is far more likely to travel the longer route via Cordor.

Bendir Dale and Myon

Over the last decade relations between Bendir and Myon have grown a good deal stronger. First under the leadership of mayor Amblis and then more notably under the leadership of the sisters Felcia and Narcysia. Many of the hin of Bendir have even been invited to walk within the majestic elven city, and stories of its beauty remain popular among the citizens of Bendir Dale.

Bendir Dale and the Transient Factions

The leadership and citizens of Bendir have been approached by many other factions over the years. The Sons of Arelith came seeking an alliance which was rejected, the Knights of the Road have had civil relations with Bendir, The Silent Hand had little open involvement and the various factions operating from the abyssal lair, have needless to say, been treated with fear and suspicion the Bendirians. Of all the remaining factions of the isle the only one that can be said to have made an enduring impression on Bendir was Clan Calhoun, and despite this group being made up largely of hin this impression was sadly negative. This is owing to many factors, primarly the alliance made between the Grove and Stonehold during the Calhoun's control of the grove, as well as the treatment of ex-captain Spellblossom, and the clan's overall trend of trying to win hin from Bendir over to Cordor. As various minor factions come and go it has often been the approach of Bendir to treat these groups with a polite caution.