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Arelith is a mysterious distant island with high peaks on the surface and a deep Underdark. The popular destination of adventurers and home of many interesting characters.


  • Arelith is hosted on two interconnected NWN roleplaying servers inspired by Forgotten Realms setting and inhabited by great community of players, dungeon masters and developers.
  • All new players should look at the 5 golden rules of Arelith here or in their in game Journal before they start to play.
  • See the new player guide for a comprehensive look into the various aspects of the Arelith world.
  • To chat with other players (and perhaps get some questions answered), check out the IRC chat at, using your favorite IRC client.
  • Any future questions can be answered on Arelith forums.
  • This Wiki is no longer officially supported by the Arelith community since August 2010. Information found here can be greatly inaccurate. Please see the Arelith forums for details.


  • Make sure you know how to Connect though direct connection to reduce lag.
  • Arelith is running on two servers, one for the Surface and one for the Underdark. Please Direct Connect using the following addresses:
The Surface -
The Underdark -
(This information is obsolete. Arelith now has three servers.)

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