The Arcane Tower is an immense structure to the North of Cordor, nestled in the Bramble woods. It also refers to the Guild of Arcane magic users. Occasionally, however, certain Mystran Clerics and more commonly Bards have been granted membership.



The Arcane Tower.

The Arcane Tower itself is often regarded as a 'Planar Pocket', with the structure visible from most places on the isle an empty shell. This along with the guardian golems provides a very sturdy defence against unwanted intruders, as well as being a stereotypical fantasy wizard's tower. The Tower's lower floors consist of public classrooms, a scribe and some Alchemy stations, while the locked areas contain the Library and quarters.

The Arcane Tower's entrance.

Notable NPCsEdit


Westin, Apprentice of the Tower.

Westin - Apprentice of the Tower who has been relegated to being a scribe and menial chore-performer. Often the butt of many a Tower injoke due to his apparent forgetfulness.


The Arcane Tower is the oldest and most prestigous (and debatably the only) arcane-focused community on the island. Originally led by Thoramind, the Tower's history has seen numerous leaderships from both Sharrans and Mystrans alike. The Tower was moved to Cordor from Forest of Despair, and later on away from Cordor again after Sharran control was eliminated and the Tower was bought by Mystran mages and moved to the northern parts of Bramble Woods. The current Archmages of the Arcane Tower are Amacceam, Pretty, and Theodore Bertram Lappidge Van Der Bledlow IV. The current wardholder is Amacceam

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