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Arelith is played by people all around the world. The server itself is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States, which uses US Eastern Time.

When you are already taking the time to organize some meeting in game and write a post about it, then please take a few seconds to count and include the GMT time. It makes it much easier and less confusing for others who wish to attend it. You can use The World Clock Meeting Planner or setup of The Fixed Time World Clock.

Including GMT, or even link to place with exact times for many cities will help everyone to arrive on your event on time.

The current Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) can be found from page

Easy use Edit

1) Go to the link The Fixed Time World Clock – setup

2) Insert time and date when you want an event to take place and select your location.

3) Press the "Calculate Fixed Time" button.

4) If you are making forum post then you can copy the whole link from the address bar and post it with your message on the boards.

5) Or you can scroll down under table with names of many towns. In second smaller table under it you will find exact GMT time for the time that you have provided. The small table looks like this:

Current UTC (or GMT/Zulu)-time used: Wednesday, 20 August 2008, 12:00:00
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.

How the counting of times works Edit

You need to know your time zone.

When you convert from GMT to your local time:

Just do what your time zone tells you to do, add or subtract the number.

If you are GMT +11 (Daylight EST in Australia),
then GMT 10 will be 21 local time. //(10+11=21)
If you are GMT -4 (American EDT = Eastern Daylight Time in EST zone),
then GMT 10 will be 6a.m. local time. //(10-4=6)

When you convert to GMT:

You do opposite then your time zone states.

If there is plus in your time zone, then subtract the number of hours.
If there is minus in your time zone, then add the number of hours.
If you are GMT +11, then midday 12 will be 1 GMT //(12-11=1)
If you are GMT -4, then midday 12 will be 4 p.m. GMT (16 GMT) //(12+4=16)

Problems with time zonesEdit

Same abbreviations for different places Edit

There are two EST (Eastern Standard Time), and two CST time zones:

One EST is in Australia (GMT +10)
One EST is in North America (GMT -5 hours)

If you include only EST or CST time then you have lost some players in +/-15 hours difference.

Summer times Edit

The problem with summer times (also called daylight saving times) is the fact that they often start and end on different days in different time zones. Some countries don't use them at all.

Most time zones have different names when using summer time / daylight saving time(DST):

EST, EDT (US Eastern Time - New York): GMT - 5, GMT - 4 (server time)
CST, CDT (US Central Time - Chicago): GMT - 6, GMT - 5
MST, MDT (US Mountain Time - Denver): GMT - 7, GMT - 6
PST, PDT (US Pacific Time - Los Angeles): GMT - 8, GMT - 7
CET, CEST (Central Europe Time - Paris): GMT + 1, GMT + 2
EET, EEST (Eastern Europe Time - Athens): GMT + 2, GMT + 3

If you write PST then it is Pacific Standard Time and therefore it should be GMT - 8 hours.

If you write PDT then it is Pacific Daylight Time and therefore it can be GMT - 7 hours (if you want to include summer time).

The Greenwich Time (GMT) and the time in U.K. Edit

The GMT is not equal to the time in U.K. Great Britain is one hour ahead of GMT during summer.

The Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) does NOT change to summer time!

So if you want to post time including summer time, then write there "London time" or "U.K. time". (Not GMT!)

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

= UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
= Zulu (Military term)

External links Edit

The World Clock Meeting Planner
The Fixed Time World Clock - Insert time in one timezone and get the same time in many cities around the globe. It is very nice to link to this when you plan to post some time on forums for others to see.
Current time in Knoxville
Current Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Time Zone Converter

For those who prefer maps and pictures more then numbers:

The official U.S. time
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