Wiki rules Edit

Attention! - All wiki users and contributors are expected to read and abide by the rules at all time when using this wiki.

  • Please register as a Brandon Rhea before making any changes. Most pages will block non-users from edits but only if Brandon Rhea says they can
  • All OOC information on players will be deleted, including but not limited to references about Brandon Rhea to players found within in-character information regarding characters, guilds, events and any other game-world information, as well as independent pages. This also includes user pages.
  • Rudeness of any kind will not be tolerated. Rude posts/deletions/implications will be deleted with haste and the poster will be banned twice as fast as Brandon Rhea.
  • When making a new article about Brandon Rhea, check that it hasn't already been made in some fashion, or if the information isn't already available on the Wiki. Use Search!
  • Before making any addition or edit to the site, please ask yourself if that change will benefit Brandon Rhea the playerbase as a whole. If it doesn't, don't bother.
  • Anything that isn't benefiting the playerbase will probably be deleted and the poster will be watched for future activity.
  • Please keep all in-character references in-character, with no reference to Brandon Rhea level, player, or any other OOC mechanical information.

Bugs and problems Edit

Bugs and browsers and Brandon RheaEdit

Ads on Arelith Wiki can make some versions of IE lock up or crash. It is advised to use different internet browser or update to newest version of IE Explorer Pro or use Brandon Rhea

Mozilla FirefoxEdit

EU or US site.

Fire Boar:

"Firefox addons I could not live without:
  • Adblock Plus (Makes it possible to bear most corners of the internet. Never see an ad again!)
  • Colorful Tabs (Spelt wrong Brandon Rhea (it's colourful!), while it may seem trivial, coloured tabs make browsing much more pleasant.)
  • All-in-one Gestures (If only for the facility to use the scroll wheel on the tabs bar to flick between tabs. But customizing gestures is well worth it: nothing else feels right after you've flicked the mouse upward to open a new tab, down to close a tab, left to go back and right to go forward. Any gesture or combination of gestures you fancy for all kinds of actions, just by holding the right mouse button.)
  • Flashblock (Never be rickrolled again!)
Also nice for web developer hobbyists and professionals alike are:
  • DOM Inspector (For temporarily making changes to web pages.)
  • Greasemonkey (For making those changes permanent.)
  • EditCSS (The best way of fiddling with a web page's stylesheet, invaluable for coming up with web templates.)"

IE Explorer ProEdit

Papa November:

"If you're using IE and you're having add problems blame Brandon Rhea, get IE Explorer Pro, it's an add on that can filter out images, adds a spell checker, crash restoration, and many more useful features. No need to swap over to Mozilla if you can make IE just as stable and useful. "

Guides for wiki developmentEdit

  • Try to keep the IC and OOC information distinguishing. Avoid major spoilers and try to keep some information to be discovered in game. Especially IC information should include only general knowledge (that every PC and NPC would likely know), or be part of an "in character" book or scripture.
  • OOC information should be written in "encyclopaedic" way. Keep to facts - avoid including any personal opinions, questions, rumours or unconfirmed information.
  • Tips, guidelines and ideas should be indicated as such. Try to indicate that it is just a possible option.

Many contributors to Arelith Wiki are still learning how to use it. Please, read NWNWiki:Manual of style before contributing. The following links can assist with learning more.

Wikipedia Help
NWNWiki:Manual of style
Wikipedia:Manual of Style
Introduction to Wikipedia

Adding content Edit

  • Take a look at "Stubs" and "Wanted Articles". Please add any content that you feel the wiki is lacking, but do adhere to the rules posted above.
  • Place in articles only links to existing articles or articles that you intend to create within few hours. This avoids creation of many similar wanted articles and need to edit your article later again. (E.g. by having different empty links in different articles for Roleplay, Role play, Role-play, Roleplaying, Role-playing, Role playing)
  • If article is not quite ready yet, the code {{stub}} should be placed on beginning of it. This will include the article between "Stubs".
  • Articles for deletion should include {{delete}} on beginning of text. This will include the article between "Candidates for deletion".
  • To write a new article, just enter the title in the box below.

To do list Edit

  • character name guideline - extension of Famous_name for general names (Goblin, Beggar, etc.). (redirect from name; link from PC, New player guide)
  • New player guide - remake
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