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The information about radios' state, current DJ and song can be found here:

There are only a few DJ's so it will not always be up. The image in Fireboars' Avatar on forum should say if it is up or down. (Direct link to that image.)

Players Edit

Some of the players that can be used:

Winamp (Windows)
VLC Player (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Quicktime (Windows, Mac)
iTunes (Windows, Mac)
Foobar2000 (Windows)
Kaffeine (Linux)
MPlayer (Linux, Windows, Mac)

DJs Edit

Each DJ has their style of music.


Bato plays:

  • Metal, like Black Sabbath.
  • Death Metal, like Behemoth or Arch Enemy.
  • Classic Rock,
  • 'Generic' Rock, like Disturbed,
  • Symphonic Metal,
  • Tom Waits,
  • Classical, though rarely DJ'd I have it and do listen to it if someone wants some Ludwick Van.
  • Metal-industrial-esque stuff, like Marilyn Manson and Dr. Steel.
  • Gogol Bordello, whatever you call that.
  • The Lonley Island


Kuma plays:

  • Techno,
  • 'Generic' Rock,
  • Some Classic rock,
  • Some metal,
  • Lots of perody songs.
  • Metal-industrial-hip-hop-opera-esque stuff, like Dr. Steel.


Drumstick plays:

  • Lots of acoustic-guitar folksy stuff,
  • Random eighties stuff,
  • Classical,
  • Avant garde,
  • Muse-like rock
  • Some Jazz-inspired stuff,
  • Classic rock.

"My list is very eclectic."


DragoneyeIIVX plays:

  • "Electric" Stuff,
  • Indie,
  • Heavy Metal,
  • DnB.


Crybaby plays:

  • Indie,
  • Punk,
  • ska,
  • rockabilly/psychobilly
  • Adding in some Metal, Hardcore, Hippity Hop and old old old country..
  • 'Random' things.

Ozzy.nlEdit plays:

  • Deathmetal
  • blackmetal
  • Medolic death metal- like arch enemy/ inflames
  • Castle metal- like kamalot
  • Nu Metal -like Linkin park
  • Heavy metal
  • Rock
  • Futur pop- VNV nation and stuff like that
  • Industrial
  • Dark industrial
  • Trance
  • goa trance
  • psy trance
  • Happy hardcore
  • And some other strange stuff like Aphix twin. sorry I dont realy know the genre but it is crazy yet awsome music.

Missy MordSithEdit

Missy MordSith plays:

  • J-pop (mostly anime theme related)
  • Goth Trance
  • Alt Rock.